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“I’ve always wanted the ability to freeze time.”

Andrew Richter’s fascination with photography began as a second grader when he spied among the stacks of PS 89’s library a coffee-table book called “New York:  Sunshine and Shadow.”  The gaslit images within gave life in his mind’s eye to a Victorian city transforming into what would become his hometown.  At age 10, Andrew’s father gave him his first lesson while on a family trip.  With the lens seemingly blocked by a fence, the scared youngster followed his dad’s advice and fired the shutter, creating a spot-on image of the White House.  The magic became real.  Andrew’s mother later gave him his first camera, a Kodak Instamatic.               

With his adult life directed in other pursuits, Andrew continued to freeze time through casual snapshots.  Entering SUNY/Empire State College in 2006 to complete a long-overdue degree, he delved further into the art through a photojournalism study taught by award-winning documentarian Mel Rosenthal.   Within that semester, a long-dormant artist emerged to explore every aspect of his newfound creative side while learning how to produce an image that stands the test of time like those that fired his childhood imagination.

Andrew Richter has tasked his life to learning his art, drawing on his prior disciplines to create powerful narratives and market his talents.  His photography has been honed by studies and apprenticeships with accomplished cover photographers Jaron Rabman, Jerry Jack, and the legendary Sylvia Plachy.  Modern technology has also aided in his professional development.  As Andrew is so fond of saying, “Steve Jobs made me possible.”  

Andrew’s list of photographic accomplishments include being featured on Fox 5’s Good Day New York and the local edition of CBS’ Early Show.  Tasti D-Lite, Richard Harris Fashions, and The Gourmet Angel are on his client list.  Andrew’s catalog is packed with celebrities and childhood sports heroes from his work with Fans for the Cure, a leading prostate cancer charity.  His undying passion for baseball inspires some of his signature images with action portraits of some of the game’s current stars and a two-month project documenting the demolition of New York’s Shea Stadium figuring prominently in his portfolio.  

Andrew Richter is moving into the beauty sector with a current campaign for the Amazing Botanicals hair products line.  Other high-profile fashion projects are currently in pipeline and soon to be announced.  Launching his imagesAR brand, Andrew has just opened a studio space in the Bed-Stuy section of Brooklyn, NY. 

It is the relentless pursuit of beauty in all its forms that drives Andrew Richter’s art.  His life is one of continual discovery through the lens, with the editing process equal to mining for the diamond that becomes what Cartier-Bresson called “the defining moment” in any photograph.  Form, movement, and light become beauty in the world of imagesAR... Where “The Images Are Everything.”

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Andrew Richter (L) with NY Mets GM Sandy Alderson

(Photo by Shirley Arrieta/imagesAR)